FlashAudio U-Turn

Bring your Exhibits Alive™

FlashAudio U-Turn is the perfect green solution for presenting interpretive audio in remote locations such as nature trails, wildlife areas and scenic lookouts! Or use it indoors, where children are attracted to the talking interactive with crank appeal. The unit is powered by a handcrank. Simple. No wiring, no battery charging, no solar panels to install. Mounted on a pole or wall, the interactive U-Turn will play up to eight MP3 audio files — messages, narratives or even wild animal sounds! Visitors simply select a message, turn the crank and listen.

FlashAudio Si
FlashAudio U-Turn is a visitor powered audio player designed for challenging outdoor environments, with durable stainless steel and plastic components protecting against rust, dust and heavy rainstorms. It is vandal-protected and water-resistant.

Sealed in an IP65 enclosure, the electronics are rated for temperatures from -31˚ to 149˚ F.

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Visitors turn the crank to provide power and start audio messages. Up to eight selections can be provided.

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