FlashAudio Si

Component Selection

FlashAudio Si is a small
(3.2” x 3.3” x 1.25”) stereo digital audio player suitable for use in tradeshow displays and museum exhibits. The single input trigger can come from a simple pushbutton, motion detector or touch sensor.

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Screw Terminal Connector to connect up to 2 speakers to built-in 3 Watt amplifier.

Power Supply connects to terminal block. 12 Volt, 1 Amp, Power Supply shown below.

Signal-Innova assembles a ready-to-install system. We label and connect all components, load files, test and ship a complete system ready to install in your exhibit!

The "busy" output allows for connection to a pushbutton lamp or a relay to activate other devices such as motors or line voltage lighting.

Screw Terminal Connector used to connect pushbutton wires or other trigger device.

3.5mm Stereo Line Out Connector for use with an external amplifier.

SD Flash Memory Card stores MP3 audio and configuration files. Multiple audio files are played sequentially when triggered. The configuration file can set the player to interrupt playing audio segments or ignore input until finished.

Arcade Pushbutton
Triggers Audio

Grill Speaker

enable lamp