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What do mexican mummies, migrating butterflies, steamer trunks, and a 50 year old topographic map have in common? All of them have been brought alive with interactive technology from SIGNAL-INNOVA.

In addition to bringing mummies alive, we are also capable of much more down-to-earth tasks such as lighting lamps, driving motor-driven actions, reproducing speech and sound, and controlling all sorts of interactive exhibits.

SIGNAL-INNOVA is a technology-driven, service-oriented firm providing interactive electronic systems, design, fabrication and consulting services to the museum, zoo, display and exhibition industry. In short, we provide interactive technology solutions.

On this site we will included information on some of our products and an explanation of our how our modular approach to electronics for interactive exhibits can make interactivity affordable.

For more details on our systems or to see more examples of our projects visit our more info section.

Since each project has its own unique requirements, we like to work closely with our clients to determine the best approach to their particular project. If you have a current or future project which you feel could benefit by including interactive technology, please call us and take advantage of our free feasibility service.

For your next exhibit project call Signal Innova and let us help you bring your Exhibits Alive!

Mark Fowle, Partner




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More Info



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