Various Exhibit Components

These LED cluster lamps are direct replacements for Illuminated Pushbutton lamps. In addition to their long life, these LEDs produce very little heat which increases the reliability of the pushbuttons.

Used in conjunction with discrete LEDs these lenses provide secure mounting and a wide viewing angle.

This 2.8" diameter acrylic disk is illuminated by a tri-color LED (RGB) which can be used to indicate multiple states in an interactive exhibit

This 6" by 6" LED backlight panel can be used individually or in multiples for larger panels.

Using variouis LED strips and/or modules, Signal-Innova assembles custom backlights. These custom assemblies can be controlled by GameWorks or Sights & Sounds controllers.

These LED display modules are available in sizes from 3/4" high to 8". These modules can display mulitdigit numbers representing amounts and/or time.

LED modules used in a "Vote Counter Exhibit" shown below

Using this Solidstate Relay, line power (120 Volt AC) devices can be activated by GameWorks or other controls. Also see our Power/Con module.

While our FlashAudio players have built-in amplifiers, it is sometimes necessary to have external speakers for FlashVideo installations. An assortment of Kiosk Amplifiers are available depending on the amount of amplification needed

This module uses a reflective infrared sensor to sense objects at a range of up to 8 feet.

This module uses a reflective infrared sensor to sense objects at a range of up to 36 inches.

This wide Area Motion Detector has a range of 25 to 30 feet for sensing visitors in a room.

This small Motion Detector has a range of 10 to 15 feet for near proximity sensing of visitor motion. It measures 2" L x 1-3/8" W x 1" H.

Capacitive Touch Sensors can detect the presence of a hand or finger through exhibit panels up to 1/2" thick.

Hall Effect sensors detect the presence of a magnetic field. Using embedded magnets it is possible encode objects, such as, puzzle pieces with unique IDs.

Similar to the bill validator, the Coin Acceptor can be used in a "Donation Station" type exhibit. Two types of Coin Acceptors are available, Single denomination and multiple.

"View Donation Station"

A Bill Validator connected to GameWorks can be used in a variety of "Donation Station" exhibits. Bills of different denominations of up to $10 are validated and accepted. GameWorks can determine the bill denomination.

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View Donation Station

Platform Scales can be used in "Your Weight In _______" exhibits. The visitor's weight can be converted into various things, such as, Milk, Gold, or even Elephant Dung.

This standard Power Supply provides regulated 12 Volt supply for us with GameWorks, Sights & Sounds, FlashAudio as well as other modules

This multifunction Relay Timer can be set to activate various devices for a period of time when activated by a pushbutton or other input device.

In addition to this Swivel Monitor Mount, Signal-Innova supplies numerous monitor mounts for flat panel monitors up to 60 plus inches.