Exhibit Components

Many different components are available to be used in interactive exhibits. Follow are some that can be use with our GameWorks and Sights & Sounds Controllers as well as our FlashAudio and FlashVideo media players.

Signal-Innova offers a wide selection of Illuminated and non-Illuminated Pushbuttons for use in exhibits.

Signal-Innova offers a wide selection of Speakers for use in museum exhibits

In addition to our FlashAudio, FlashVideo, GameWorks and Sights & Sounds modules we have many other components that provide special types of input and output.

Audio Handsets provide audio output which does not interfere with other exhibits

Sometimes a high quality and intimate audio experience is need for exhibits.

Exhibit Touchscreens

LCD Exhibit Monitors

Solar Panels

Arcade Controls

In addition to these components, our interactive controllers use many types of input & output devices. Shown here are some.

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