WaterWise Kiosk

This Kiosk was originally designed for the San Diego County Water Authority by David Krimmel, Design Consultant with illustrations by Tanya Bredehoft of Haute House Graphic Design and interactive controller electronics from SIGNAL-INNOVA. Over the past 7 years SIGNAL-INNOVA has redesigned and fabricated new exhibit panels to keep the presentation fresh and up-to-date.

The Kiosk is designed as an interactive exhibit used to inform and educate children about water use and conservation. Each of the four identical battery powered kiosks are placed in school libraries, and other public places throughout San Diego County for three week periods. At the end of the period, the batteries are recharged and ready for deployment at the next school.

The Kiosk is composed of three panels with several interactive activities. The fourth side has storage area for conservation literature and books.

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