Budgeting for interactive exhibits is not always an easy process. To reduce the cost of interactive electronic systems used for display and exhibition applications, SIGNAL-INNOVA has developed a modular approach to interactive electronics. This modular approach enables SIGNAL-INNOVA to assemble custom systems using standard input/output modules under the control of our programmable controllers. Since each application has its own unique set of requirements, it is necessary to quote each system individually. However, the following chart has been prepared to give exhibit designers and planners a "ballpark" guide. If you have a current or future project which you feel could benefit by including interactive technology, please call (800) 417-9060 to take advantage of our free costing and feasibility service.

Budgeting Guide

Budget Amount

Type of System

Level/Type of Interactivity

$150-$300 Pushbuttons & Lamps Low/Direct
$300-$500 Simple Controller, Pushbutton & Lamps,
CD Quality - Audio Repeater (for Narration)
$400-$700 Modular Controller, Multi-segment Audio, Pushbutton Inputs Simple/Intelligent
$700-$1500 Game Controller, Multi-segment Audio, Illuminated pushbuttons, or Lamps Moderate/Intelligent
$1000-$1500 Modular Controller, Multi-channel Audio, Remote Control, LED Display Moderate/Intelligent
$1500-$2000 Modular Controller, Audio,
Multiple Input/Output Modules
Moderately Complex /Intelligent
$2000-$3500 Modular Controller, Audio,
Multiple Input/Output Modules


Personal Computer with Real World Interface & Controls

Moderately Complex /Intelligent

$7500-$15,000+ Touch Screen Kiosk Hardware with Personal Computer and Content Complex/Intelligent

This chart is presented only as a guide and may change at any time. Please contact SIGNAL INNOVA for a quote on specific projects.



 Modular Approach


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