FlashAudio Digital Audio Repeaters for Museum Exhibits

Signal-Innova's FlashAudio digital audio repeaters are high quality stereo audio players intended for use in museum exhibits or tradeshow displays.

FlashAudio players can play up to 8 sound segments in Direct Input mode and 32 to 128 segments in Controller Mode.

Several models are available starting with FlashAudio SI which has a Single pushbutton or other trigger input up to 8 inputs.

The prerecorded audio segments and/or sound effects are stored in a nonvolatile SD Flash Memory Card and played at the touch of a button.

Each segment can be a different length and is not restricted other than to the total capacity of the Memory Card used.

The use of SD Flash Memory Cards allows easy change or update of audio segments. Using an inexpensive SD Flash Card writer and a desktop or laptop computer audio segments can be changed. Hours of CD quality audio can be reproduced using a high capacity memory card.

In Direct Input Mode each sound segment is played by momentarily input to one of the 8 triggers from a pushbutton or other devices.

Using INNOVA's Sights & Sounds Controller, up to 32 separate sound segments can be accessed. The combination of a Sights & Sounds Controller and a FlashAudio module allows for multiple pushbutton inputs and synchronized outputs of backlights, spot lights or other special effects.

FlashAudio is equipped with an onboard audio amplifier capable of driving 8 Ohm speakers directly. The volume is controlled by an onboard volume control. The audio amplifier can be bypassed to provided line-level output for use with external amplification equipment.

Power supply from 12 to 24 Vdc is acceptable thanks to an onboard voltage regulator.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: (not including SD Card) 5"
Depth: (including green terminal) 4.25"
Height: 1.25"
Audio File:16 bit, 44.1 Khz 256 Kbps

Applications: Museum Exhibit Audio Diorama Narration Ambient Environment Audio
Q & A Game Sequenced Audio Interactive Audio Exhibit Tradeshow Displays
 Click Here to Download Information on these Modules (PDF)
Various Sound Sources (not necessisarily up to date)
Exhibit Audio: FlashAudio plays WAV & MP3 Audio files
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